Siding Replacement: Why a Professional Contractor is Recommended

Siding protects your home’s exterior walls from the effects of the elements. It also provides your home with insulation, which helps maintain comfortable interior temperature levels year-round. If your sidings have been damaged in any way, immediate siding replacement is advised. And a professional contractor is the best person for a replacement job.

There are various telling signs of siding damage, the most common of which are cracks, dents, holes, splits, breaks, and chips. Factors that could damage sidings include changing weather conditions, especially strong wind and rain, birds pecking on the wood or vinyl material, and strong pressure or impact from other materials accidentally hitting the sidings.

When you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it is recommended that you immediately contact a siding replacement contractor to accurately assess the damage. While you could be tempted to replace the siding yourself, a professional contractor will have the experience and knowledge to accurately assess the extent of siding damage, including damage on the boards. If replacement is delayed, the integrity of your walls could be compromised as further damage could occur. The wooden board could rot, and insects may enter through the holes or breaks. The insulation properties of your walls can likewise be compromised.

Why should you get a professional contractor for the job?

Apart from being adept at accurately evaluating the extent of damage, a professional contractor has the experience and expertise to provide you with recommendations regarding the most appropriate siding material for your home. For instance, if your home is located in an area that experiences heavy rain and strong winds, a professional can make recommendations on the type of material that will best protect your home under these weather conditions. If your house is near a wooded area, they can also advise you on materials that will not be prone to damage from birds and other small animals.

Additionally, in the event that only a portion or one part of your siding needs to be replaced, the contractor can find the replacement material that matches the exact material and type of your other sidings. If no exact match is found, he can procure sidings that blend with or complement the other sidings on your exterior walls.

Finally, having a professional contractor work on your damaged sidings will ensure that the job is done right the first time—with siding integrity and durability in mind. A contractor is your cost-effective solution to siding damage.

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