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What We Do

We specialize in working with banks and lenders during the FHA 203k loan process. We work with the buyer and lender to get an accurate estimate of repairs done quickly. After the 203k home improvement loan is approved and construction begins, the project then becomes like a traditional remodeling project. We involve the new home buyer and work with them to address all the items on the repair list to make sure they are done to the buyer’s satisfaction. We work quickly so that the buyer can move into their new home as soon as possible.

If you are in the process of purchasing an REO bank owned home or foreclosure, you should consider a 203k remodeling loan if the home needs rehabilitation. We can help you with the process. We highly recommend working with a 203k Consultant. We will work with the consultant and the appraiser’s report and provide you with a comprehensive estimate of repairs. We promise you a pleasant and competent construction experience.

FHA 203k rehab loan is a loan that a lot of people use to fix up houses. With a 203k loan, you get access to a government-backed loan program to get the finances you need. There are many aspects involved in the FHA 203k loan program, and they have many advantages associated with them. Here are a few things that you should consider before getting involved in a 203k rehab loan.


The 203k rehab loan allows you to keep your savings when remodeling a house. Repairs on a house can be very expensive! If you rely on your savings to get you through, you could run out of money quickly. What is worse, if you are not be able to resell the house, your savings are depleted. With a 203k loan plan you can borrow the money from a lending institution and still remodel your home.

Low Interest

Dealing with FHA, you will get a better than average interest rate on the money you borrow. Many rehab loans in the commercial marketplace can be very expensive. With a 203k rehab loan, you know that you will be getting a fair to low interest rate.

Tax Deductible

Interest on 203k loan program as well as on any FHA loan is tax deductible!

Great deals

Rehab loans are designed for “fixer-uppers.” Therefore, this loan will allow you to qualify for a home purchase and refinance while many other programs will not. You can get a house at a much lower price than you normally would be able to on the open market.

FHA 203K Full vs. Streamline

The following includes some basic information about how to find and work with renovation contractors in and outside of the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Full FHA 203K Construction Process FHA 203K loans are designed to help people buy homes even if they are not structurally sound. Such funding says that though there are repairs that need to be made that they can be made after the sale is complete. However, to ensure the job is done right, one needs to invest in the skills of the best possible FHA 203K construction contractor. This expert will understand how to review and then repair properties of all types. Additionally, the right FHA 203K interior and exterior contractor understands how these loans work and that people need renovations or repairs done in a quick and efficient manner.

By working with such professionals, owners and buyers can find free estimates on repairs and can also find experienced contractors who understand how to both fix the space as well as deal with all of the paperwork linked to the project. The right FHA 203K construction loan servicer understands that people want to buy properties and quickly repair them. This is a great way to find great deals on properties. A property may not meet FHA standards but could be turned around with the right FHA 203K contractor and other professionals. Why should good homes go to waste.

FHA 203K loans make it possible for people to own their own homes. There is far less competition for properties that need to be fixed up. A project coordinator specialist understands how to work with the lender, FHA standards. Experienced staff know how to get a building to accommodate the IL, Mo, MI revised code so that a person can move in to their dream home and truly enjoy it. There is little out-of-pocket expense when people use 203K renovation loans or mortgages. While working with the right contractors, people can focus not just on the big-ticket items but also on little improvements, too.

One person’s trash is truly another person’s treasure. An FHA 203K loan helps people invest in properties, which in turn strengthen the real estate market. This is why it pays to work with the very best contractors and providers around. Experienced contractors understand what FHA codes and standards look like and why these loans and projects are important. Finding the right contractors means that all repairs and improvements will be done quickly and efficiently without wasting a single cent. This means that funds and time can be spent on other areas.

Streamline FHA 203K Construction Process

Foreclosures are filling the market right now. There are reportedly over 100,000 unlisted properties held by lenders. Many of the homes and commercial spaces held by financial groups are not up to building codes and are outdated. This is why they are not likely to sell. Thankfully, an FHA 203K loan ensures that such properties do more than sit and that buyers can find the home of their dreams, even if it needs to be spruced up. Such funding options allow buyers to invest in properties that may have structural issues. The loan allows people to buy the home with the understanding that the owner will then get the space up to date. This is where an FHA 203K streamline contractor comes into play. Our professionals know the ins and outs of FHA’s expectations. The following are some of the many reasons to work with an FHA 203K streamline construction loan servicer when buying and then updating properties.

An experienced FHA 203K streamline contractor can come in and give owners a quick and free estimate of the work that is needed on a space. Once a property’s needs are listed, an FHA 203K streamline interior and exterior contractor can get to work finishing the projects. The quicker the repairs are made, the quicker a person can settle into the space or try and sell it for a profit. An FHA 203K streamline construction loan servicer will know which professionals are in the Chicago, St. Louis + Grand Rapid area and are willing and able to get to work. However, it is important to remember that some projects will take time. For example, a professional need to be thorough to ensure the property is safe to inhabit.

FHA loans and contractors are not only beneficial to buyers looking for a home and to lenders looking to unload properties but also to the housing market as a whole. The more properties that are repaired, the better a neighborhood or city will look. This in turn makes a location more favorable to rebuild and develop. The economy can only reap rewards when lenders unload assets and can start investing time and energy into other projects. Experienced and reliable contractors quicken this process, which is why they are so important. The quicker properties are renovated and repaired, the sooner other rewards will roll in.