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For Milwaukee roofing contractors you can trust and rely on, turn to a locally-owned company like Advocate Roofing to deliver fast and timely professional services tailored to your needs.

Milwaukee’s residential areas generally consist of two story flats called Polish flats. These are two-family units with one stacked on top of the other. As such, roofing systems on these homes are considerably higher up than those installed on more traditional homes like bungalows. Consequently, homeowners may neglect to perform regular roof maintenance checks to ensure that they are still in excellent condition. A lot of families who own Polish flats in the area usually rent out the other unit as a source of passive income. When the roofs go unchecked for years, the tenants’ safety is put at risk.

While we at Advocate Roofing recommend regular maintenance checks on roofs, we strongly advise against doing it yourself especially if the roofs are two stories up. You could be putting yourself at risk too if you decide to go the DIY route. You could slip and fall off the roof, particularly in the case of sloped roofs. Your best—and safest—option is to hire the services of a professional Milwaukee roofing contractor.

On top of that, an experienced roofing replacement contractor knows what to look for when inspecting your roof. They have the knowledge and skills not only to perform a thorough check in the safest manner but also to accurately identify each problem that the roofing system may already have.

Save time and effort by hiring a professional roofing contractor the first time around

You are actually speeding things up when you hire a professional for the job because, upon inspection, they can immediately make the proper recommendations on repairs that the roof needs. When you check the roof yourself, you could miss out on existing issues, and if you do accurately assess the issues, you still need to hire a contractor to do the necessary repairs. It’s double the job which could only delay the repairs, especially if your home requires a complete roof replacement.

Furthermore, with an experienced Milwaukee roofing contractor from Advocate Roofing, the job is done efficiently—preserving the remaining parts that are still in good condition and installing roofing sheets that will not destroy the overall look of the original roofing system and the structure itself.

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