Hail Damage to Your Siding: Why a DIY Fix Isn’t a Good Idea

Winter in the Midwest comes with a lot of extreme weather conditions, including strong winds, snow flurries, and sleet. Hail damage to your siding is one more thing you’ll have to worry about during the winter season, and one that has to be attended to right away to keep your heating bills from piling up, among other things.

Strong winds have a tendency to damage houses, particularly between January and March as colder air from the Arctic meets warm Gulf Coast air. This could also result in wind damage to your siding which could get even worse as the winds get stronger. Worse, snow can seep between the wall and siding, damaging both as it melts, as it finds its way through cracks, re-freezes, and expands.

All of these risks make it imperative that damaged sidings be repaired as soon as possible. However, it is not advisable for homeowners to do the repairs themselves, especially if the house and the ground around it are slippery with ice. In fact, a large proportion of slips, trips, and falls that occur in winter happen during ill-advised attempts at home repair, especially on the roof and elsewhere along the exterior. Hypothermia is also a very real risk, particularly in locations where temperatures routinely drop below freezing point.

The best course of action when dealing with hail damage to your siding is to call a licensed roofing and siding contractor. Because they need to comply with labor and industry standards, all licensed siding workers have to wear personal protective equipment such as boots and padding on top of their winter wear. This drastically reduces the risk of injury and liabilities arising from such injuries.

In addition, because installing siding panels during winter requires different measurements, tools, and materials than performing it during summer; they are also guaranteed to follow manufacturer specifications. This means that all repairs are done properly, eliminating the need to call them again for further repairs.

Once your siding has been repaired according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it will be covered by a materials warranty on the part of the manufacturer, protecting you from further expense in case of future damage.

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