Roof Repair


Stop the leak, once and for all…Guaranteed

Roof leaks can be caused by both environmental forces and pre-existing roof issues such as insufficient ventilation. Most commonly, damage from storms, ice, wind or hail causes shingles to crack or break over time, leading to unwanted leakage. Occasionally work done on skylights, chimneys and other areas with seams becomes corroded and water starts to seep through.

If left unfixed, roof leaks can lead to expensive ceiling damage, structural problems, electrical issues and even black mold. Fixing your roof at the first sign of leakage can save you from paying for excess repairs and protect your family from exposure to dangerous bacteria.

With more than 25 years of experience, Advocate knows how to thoroughly and quickly solve your roof leakage issue. Time is of the essence when you have a leaky roof in need of repair. Advocate’s factory-trained and certified roofing specialists will perform a free inspection of your roof leak both inside and outside of your home, within in as little as 4 hours of your service request. They will identify and explain any other trouble areas found while inspecting your home and offer you affordable solutions.

For your peace of mind, Advocate offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your roof leak repair which includes free labor on any additional repairs to the original troubled area.

Advocate uses asphalt shingles on most roof installations and repairs. Asphalt shingles are currently the most popular type of residential roof material because they are relatively inexpensive, can be recycled, are durable, and easily replaced and maintained.

For the protection of you and your family, every Advocate technician has undergone thorough background checks. You can rest assured when you see Advocate team members proudly wearing their Technician Seal of Safety Badge when they enter your home.